RIGID Radiance Pod XL packs plenty of output in a compact package. Similar in design and shape to the popular D-XL PRO.

Rigid Radiance POD XL Smile

The versatility of the RIGID Radiance lighting family just got even better with the introduction of the new Radiance Pod XL.

Rigid radiance POD XL LED Lights

Boasting the same quality LED technology and Broad Spot Optics as the Radiance Light Bars, the Rigid Radiance Pod XL packs plenty of output in a compact package.

Similar in design and shape to the popular D-XL PRO, the Radiance Pod XL measures 4” x 4” and includes a blacked-out circuit board for a subtle, more refined look.

Rigid Radiance POD XL Amber

The Broad Spot optics combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern that works well for a wide variety of lighting needs. Inside, the Rigid Radiance Pod XL is feature-packed, with a black exposed printed circuit board, forward projecting optics that optimize the LED light output and back-lighting available in white, amber, blue or red.

The RIGID Radiance Pod XL includes a Multi-Trigger Harness that includes separate backlit rocker switches so that the forward projecting light and the backlight can be controlled independently. Packed with features in a compact package, the Radiance Pod XL is an outstanding value.

Rigid Radiance POD XL Features

– 50,000+ Hour Lifespan
– 10-15 V DC
– Durable UV Polyester Powder Coat
– Pressure Equalizing Vent
– Harness (Sold Separately)
– High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Heatsink
– Integrated Thermal Management System
– Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
– IP68 Compliant – Dust / Water Ingress
– Mounting Brackets Included
– Over / Under Voltage Protection
– Operating Temp -40º F +145º F / -40º C +60º C
– Protected Against RFI / EMI
– Patented Technology
– Reverse Polarity Protection
– RoHS Compliant
– SAE J575 Compliant – Shock / Vibration
– D-XL Series Construction & Durability
– Complete Multi-Switch Wiring Harness
– Independently Controlled Back-Lighting Available in White,
Amber, Red, or Blue
– Dedicated Wire to Run Back-Lighting without Primary LEDs
– Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
– Black Exposed Circuit Board
– Patent-Pending Technology

Rigid Radiance POD XL Dimensions

RIGID Radiance POD XL custom designed graphs are intended to illustrate the beam patterns that our optics produce. First, consider what type of application the light is needed for and then choose what beam pattern best suits your needs. Each beam pattern varies depending on the optic or optic combination you choose. Once you know which beam pattern best suits your needs, refer to the specifications table (A, B, C) to determine how much LUX output you need and which product will best suit your application.


Rigid Radiance POD XL Specs

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